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Q Does it cost money to register or fill out the online waiver?

A NO! Registering or filling out the waiver is free.

Q What do I need to do if I am under 20?

A Jumpers under the legal age of 20 need to have a parent or legal gaurdian fill out the waiver for them. Please have them fill out the online waiver on our homepage.

Q Do I have to pay if I am just watching or accompanying someone?

A It is free to just watch.(Everyone who enters the facility must fill out the online waiver though.)

Q Can I make reservations?

A We only accept reservations for large groups or for use of the party room.

Q Can a child use the facility alone?

A Children age 12 and above can come and use the facility alone. (The online waiver must be filled out by a parent or legal gaurdian though.)

Q I have my own grip socks, can I use them?

A Only grip socks sold at Get Air can be used at Get Air. (300 yen)

Q Can I jump together with my child who is under 120 cm?

A You can play together in the shared area, but no adults are allowed to jump in the Kids area.

Q Can I bring food or drinks to Get Air?

A No food or drinks are allowed to be brought into the facility. You can purchase drinks and ice cream at Get Air. Groups who have reserved the party room can bring food into the facility.

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